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Virtual Team Meeting

Making a M.A.R.K

We believe here at Reedy Creek Community Church that you should not only value fellowship weekly with your brothers and sisters in Christ but you should also value your Spiritual growth.
Which is why we have taken the time to put a FREE grace curriculum together for you and your family. Spiritual growth does not happen automatically but it must be an intentional act and we are grateful that you are taken advantage of the benefits available to you. 
Take a moment to see whats available to you.


Basic Shape


100 Level Classes (Members & Non Members)

200 Level Classes (Members Only)

300 Level Classes(Volunteers Only)


  • Becoming  a Reedy Creek Member 101

  • Understanding Water Baptism 102

  • New Covenant Believer 103

  • What is Baby Dedication 104

  • Discovering Spiritual Maturity 201

  • Grace 365 202

  • Grace Based Prayer 203

  • Financial Stewardship 204(6 weeks)

  • How to Study the Bible 205

  • The Believer's Authority under Grace 206

  • Understanding Faith & Grace 207

  • Being Single under Grace 208

  • Grace Based Marriages 209

  • Grace Based Parenting 210

  • Discovering My Ministry M.A.R.K. 301

Welcome to "The CORE" Team

Our goal is to serve in excellence, but most importantly when people come in contact with a servant leader, we want them to experience God's love and His Grace. When they experience that, they are experiencing the CORE of who Jesus Christ is the CORE of the gospel of Grace and the CORE of who we are as a ministry.       


We want to make sure that you get connected with the exact volunteer team fit for you. This form will help accomplish just that!